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Geb Hetep Referral Program

In recognition that a great portion of our business comes from referrals from satisfied clients we would like to show our appreciation for your continued support and loyalty. We have developed a “referral program” which rewards you when you refer new clients to us.​

The more clients you refer to our business, the more rewards you will receive!

Recommend 2 people – and receive a $15 coupon
Recommend 4 people – and the savings grows to a whopping $35

Your credit can be used towards your next individual session as a referral credit of ​$15 or accumulative of $35.

Program Stipulations:

This promotion ONLY applies to a Single Colon Hydrotherapy Session valuing $95.00​. Credit can only be received for referring NEW CLIENTS!


To receive this credit your referral MUST LIST YOU as a referrer on their health profile sheet at their FIRST SESSION by giving your First and Last Name. Your name cannot be added beyond that point.​ ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS!

Only one person can receive the referral credit per referral. This means two people cannot refer the same person. No more than 4 referral credits or $35 can be ACCUMULATED at a time.


This promotion CANNOT BE USED towards purchasing a SERIES. This promotion CANNOT BE COMBINED WITH OTHER DISCOUNTS (seasonal, specials etc...). All coupons are valid for 1 YEAR ONLY; credit is non-transferable thereafter and must be used by the stated expiration date. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS! 

* Effective as of January 1st, 2013

Geb Hetep Wholistic Center, 1344 Pacific Street, Suite 1 W, Brooklyn, NY 11216, (718) 501-6045​

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