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Geb Hetep Cleansing Program

The Geb Hetep Cleansing Program is a comprehensive program that consists of the following:

• A Raw Juice Regimen

  This consists of a standard juice regiment with the addition of a different daily vegetable that coincide with the different days of the week.​

• A Raw Salad Regimen

 This supports the juicing regimen.

• Cleansing Herbal Formula
This includes 14 different herbs that address every organ in the body.

• A Vitamin Regiment
This enhances the cleansing process and provides the nutrients to sustain your daily activities.

• Biochemical Tissue Salts
These are cell salts the work on a cellular level.

• Oxygenation Formula

Designed to put more oxygen into the blood stream thereby detoxifying the blood.

The Cleansing Program is structured as a 7 day or 11 day program.

There are four very special and significantly important times in the year that should be noted. These special times are the winter and summer solstices and the fall and spring equinoxes. During these times the earth—our external environment goes through a cleansing and readjustment process. Because of the underlying unity of all things, we (our bodies) are also impacted by the cyclical adjustments of temperature and moisture that manifest seasonally in our environment.

Each change in temperature and moisture predisposes the body to a different capacity and quality of internal functioning. At these important junctures our bodies will make a determined effort to cleanse and readjust itself.  In addition, our health and well-being is supported and affected by many diverse factors which go beyond the amount of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and protein that we take in our systems. By adapting a wholistic perspective of how our life integrates with the larger systems, we are better able to take advantage of the conditions available to us to attain and support optimum health in our daily life.

To attain optimum health from a physical perspective there are three basic things to consider.

1. The need to detoxifying the body and the use of vitamins, herbs and other supplements to enhance the detoxification process.

2. Assist the body in activating its regenerative capability by providing it with supplements and nutrients that are beneficial to it growth and development.

3. Adopt a long-term dietary regiment that supports, enhances and safeguards the body’s ability to maintain its optimum equilibrium and efficient functioning.

The cost of the 7-Day kit is $125 and includes everything but the ingredients for the juicing and salad regiments and the Vit C in the oxygenation formula. The 11-Day kit is $150.

Geb Hetep Cleansing Program Dates 


Mar 15th—21st                   June 18th—24th                      Sept 15th—21st                     Dec 18th—24th


                  Kit pick-up dates will be shared by e-mail blast. Join our mailing list to get updates             

*A $50 deposit is required to reserve a kit.

Geb Hetep Wholistic Center, 1344 Pacific Street, Suite 1 W, Brooklyn, NY 11216, (718) 501-6045​

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