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Frequently Asked Questions

• What is a Colonic Irrigation?

A Colonic Irrigation session is a process of cleansing the lower intestinal tract and detoxifying the overall system by allowing a continuous flow of water into the colon, gently dislodging and removing waste matter. A colonic session is one of the most powerful and effective ways of cleansing and detoxifying the system. It has the ability to stimulate the body into moving stored toxins from different areas in the body and activate the elimination process.

• How is a Colonic session performed?

At Geb Hetep our sessions begin with the client lying on the left side for the insertion of a speculum, a disposable device that allows water to flow into the colon and waste matter to pass out simultaneously. The speculum which has a dual water and release hoses attached to it, is inserted about 11/2 – 2 inches into the rectum. At this point, the water is then allowed to enter and leave the colon simultaneously. This process is so gentle that most clients are not even aware when the session actually begins. During the session the Colon Therapist will begin to work on the abdominal area concentrating specifically on the colon. The therapist feels for any obstructions, gaseous buildup, and spastic areas in the colon.

• How long is the Colonic session?A colonic session is approximately 35-40 minutes, which has been proven to be the length of time needed to produce optimum elimination for a given session. The session consists of 12-15 gallons of water gently moving in and out of the colon. In some instances a colonic session may be longer or shorter as the need arises. The client however has the option of ending the session at any point that he or she chooses.

• How should I prepare for a Colonic session?

If possible 1 - 2 days prior to your appointment increase your intake of water, vegetables, salads, fruits, fresh squeezed juices with a combination that may include carrots, cabbage, parsley, kale, watercress, spinach, dandelion and other green vegetables and reduce the intake of breads, meats and heavy protein. The vegetable juices, salads and fruits provide essential minerals;

vitamins and live enzymes while initiating the cleansing process and are essential for healing. On the day of the actual treatment, avoid eating anything 2 hours before the treatment. Liquids such as water, teas, or juices are permissible.

• What can be expected on a first visit?
When you come in for the first time you are asked to fill out a short health profile form. This form provides information on your dietary habits and /or any health issue that is pertinent to you that we need to be aware of. It also prepares us for what to expect during the session and how to assess the treatment and is the basis on which suggestions are made after the treatment. At this time you also have an opportunity to ask any question you may have. Once the consultation is completed the treatment is performed.

• How safe is having a Colonic?
Colonic irrigation is a safe method of detoxification. The medium used is purified water gently introduced into the colon at a mild rate of pressure. A trained therapist performs the session and  closely monitors for any discomfort you may have during the session. The therapist is there to minimize the chances of any difficulty or ill effects during your supervised session.

• Does having a Colonic hurt?
Colon Hydrotherapy treatments are usually painless, with little or no discomfort. However, if there is excessive toxic, constipation or obstructed condition in the colon, some people may experience periodic cramping. This cramping occurs as the body dislodges old fecal matter with the release of gas and toxins, to be expelled from the system. Some may also experience other sensations like tingling of the hands and feet, a slight pulling, warming or cooling sensation in different parts of the body. This happens as toxins are brought back into the blood and lymphatic streams to be eliminated. These are periodic sensations only and are experienced infrequently if at all during the colonic session.

• What are the benefits of Colonics?
Colonics have the quickest range of detoxification, moving dislodged toxins completely out of the system within approximately 35-40 minutes. It has the ability to stimulate the cleansing of the blood, the liver and the lymphatic systems, making it easier for other organs to release their waste products into the blood and lymphatic streams for elimination. Colonic hydro-therapy also optimizes the processing and the delivery of nutrients by improving functioning in the upper digestive tract, thereby enhancing the body’s absorption capability. Colonics also stimulate the removal of toxins from brain cells and the nervous system helping to alleviate headaches as well as emotional sluggishness caused by a toxic overload.
A series of colonics will be extremely beneficial to those suffering from chronic headaches, fatigue, constipation, digestive disorders, skin problems and stress and will be supportive in a whole host of other health issues. It increases the flow of energy in the system and is a very effective medium for the healing and rejuvenation process.

• Should Colonics be done during fasting or restricted dieting?
An ideal time to have a colonic is during a cleansing / fasting program. With the decrease or elimination of food intake the body now has an opportunity to retrieve stored toxins and expel them from the system. Due to the lack of food intake, as in a fasting or cleansing program, the peristaltic action of the digestive system is decreased and elimination will be drastically reduced. It is very important that the elimination process continues in conjunction with the fast to support the body’s cleansing effort. A series of colonic treatments will improve the effectiveness of the cleansing and provide the necessary medium for the rapid elimination of waste from the system. It is recommended that a colonic be done at the beginning and the end of a fasting /cleansing program. If the fasting extends more than four days then one or two colonics sessions per week is ideal.

• What are the contraindications?
Colon Hydrotherapy sessions should not be attempted within the first six to eight weeks after any major surgery. In addition, if the operated area is still tender after six to eight weeks, you should wait until it is totally healed before doing a session. If the person is very weak and unable to walk alone or there are multiple complications involving heart trouble, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol combined with an unhealthy diet colon hydro-therapy should not be attempted. In all of the above situations, it is best for these individuals to start with a series of enemas and a healthy dietary regiment before attempting colon hydro-therapy.

• Can pregnant women get Colonics?
Colonic irrigations can be administered to a pregnant woman up to the eighth month of pregnancy, providing that the mother has been having colonics prior to pregnancy and has no major complications. Colonics help to alleviate much of the swelling and discomfort of pregnancy and is beneficial to both the mother and child. The mother should be on a well balanced diet that includes lots of raw vegetables, salads, fruits and fresh vegetable/fruit juices.

• Does having a Colonic harm the intestinal flora?
Other than the flora that is released through a normal bowel movement, a colonic irrigation has no significant effect on the intestinal flora. On the contrary it is most beneficial since it removes old fecal matter and impacted waste matter from the walls of the colon that inhibit the intestinal flora from thriving. In addition, there are glands located behind the walls of the ascending colon, located along the right side of the body, that are responsible for continuous promotion of flora into the colon. Therefore, removing flora from the colon is like removing saliva from the mouth, it is easily replaced and cannot be permanently removed.

• What is the difference between an enema and a colonic?
The difference between a colonic and an enema is twofold. First, the amount of water used in an enema (usually 1 – 2 quarts) is not sufficient for a thorough cleansing of the colon. Second, the water pressure that is required to move the water into the upper part of the colon cannot be achieved using an enema bag. During a colonic session, the colon therapist may use anywhere from 12 – 15 gallons of water. This gradual inflow of water travels throughout the entire length of the colon (6 feet) and activates cleansing from the sigmoid to the ascending colon and cecum. This level of cleansing is not possible with an enema. In fact the effect of one good colonic is equivalent to 12-15 enemas. Furthermore, any impaction in the upper 1/2 of the colon (ascending to mid/transverse) cannot be effectively removed even by consecutive enemas. Part of a colonic session involves the massaging of the abdominal area and helps to break up impaction throughout the colon. It is easy to see that this requires much more than 2 quarts of water to accomplish the removal of this waste.

• How many Colonics do I need?
There is no quick and easy way to correct or remove years of accumulated waste from the colon. Most people who walk into a colon hydro-therapy office have long term situations of past and present illnesses and/or dietary abuses to be addressed. The wide spread abuse of antibiotics, over the counter drugs, the unavoidable consumption of pesticides, food preservatives and additives, weaken the body’s defense systems and seriously taxes its reserves. Due to these conditions, it is rare to find someone who would not benefit from one or more series of 15 colonics.

At Geb Hetep we suggest an initial series of 3 sessions spaced 2 – 4 days apart. For a series of 5 or more, the initial 3 are done similarly and the rest can be spaced 1 – 2 colonics per week based on the colon therapist’s assessment of each session. For special health situations, we may suggest that the colonics be kept up at specific intervals until the health condition has shown significant improvement or has been eliminated. It can’t be emphasized enough that a series of 3 sessions are the minimum of sessions needed and does not effectively address long standing illnesses or deeply stored toxins or impaction in the colon and system. In order to get long standing or permanent results a series of 15 or more sessions is required.

• Can I resume normal activities after a Colonic?
You can resume your normal activity after a colonic however we suggest that you follow the dietary suggestions for eating. Colonics normally do not interfere with regular work schedules. Keep in mind, however, that too much external activity will decrease the continued internal cleansing that occurs after a session.

• What can I eat after a Colonic session?
Immediately following a colonic session a glass or two of water is best, half an hour later a vegetable juice, fruits or a light salad would be appropriate. For dinner, we suggest a meal of vegetables, grains and salad. This diet can be maintained for a couple more days if desired.

• How soon will I see results?
Some of the results will be felt immediately after a session. These include a sense of lightness felt throughout the body, the improved quality of vision and a reduction of bodily aches including headaches. Long-term results include improved appearance of the skin, increase in energy level, normalization of bowel movements, improved quality of sleep and an improved functioning of the immune system.

• I have frequent bowel movements, do I still need Colonics?
If you have had fried, oily, greasy or denatured foods, alcohol or drug abuse, a high intake of dairy products or other mucous producing foods, chances are the walls of your colon are impacted. If you are under stress, have a tendency towards skin rashes or other types of skin problems, problems with the joints or any kind of health disorder, your body is alerting you to signs of toxicity. Even if you are having three bowel movements a day does not negate the fact that after years of dietary indiscretion, a gradual build up of mucous and undigested foods begins to form on the lining of the colon. A series of colonics would not only address these situations, but also the toxic build up throughout the entire system.

• What is an Ozonated Colonic and what are its benefits?
An Ozonated Colonic is a colonic session in which ozone created through a cold plasma process is mixed in with the colonic water.*(Refer to Geb Hetep Info letter, Oxygen / Ozone’s Importance to Health, Issue 5) to purify the water. Ozone is an activated, concentrated form of oxygen and has anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and disinfecting properties. An ozonated colonic brings more oxygen into the system. It improves the effectiveness of the cleansing by oxidizing any toxins and destroying any virus it comes in direct contact with. The ozone tends to make the session more productive, and in most cases, less uncomfortable.

• How does Colon hydro-therapy interface with other healing modalities?
Colon hydro-therapy works well in conjunction with any cleansing or healing regiments. It enhances chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, reflexology, acupuncture and acupressure. It will also improve the effectiveness of herbal treatment and vitamin therapy and it is supportive of homeopathic treatments as well as Bach Flower remedies.

• What is the cost of a Colonic session?
The cost of a regular colonic session is $115.00. For an ozonated colonic the cost is $125.00. We offer discounts for a series of 3, 5,10 and 15 colonics.

• How Do I Request An Appointment?
To request an appointment click this link and follow instructions. You can also make an appointment by calling the office at (718) 501-6045/ 6044 between the hours of 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.


After hours you may also leave a message and your call will be returned promptly. When leaving a message please leave your name, telephone number and specify the date and time you would like to have an appointment. Also leave a time when you can be reached.

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