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Myofascial Release – The gentle manipulation of the fascia tissue has a profound effect on health regeneration and maintenance. The fascia is the continuous layer of connective tissue surrounding and permeating muscles, nerve vessels and bones in the system. Small amounts of pressure applied by a skilled therapist stretch and soften the fascia, resulting in improved movement, reduction of or the elimination of chronic muscular pain and stress relief.

The underlying principle of Myofascial Release Therapy is to allow the body to direct the practitioner as to the degree of stretching and manipulation needed to address distress in any given part of the body. The procedure is done by working the entire body, gently stretching and pulling, to release and remove blockages throughout your system. After the session you experience a greater sense of relaxation.

At Geb Hetep aromatherapy is used in conjunction with all of our services.

DISCLAIMER: The services we offer at Geb Hetep are Alternative Complimentary therapies and alone are not capable of curing any serious or life-threatening medical disorder. However, these services can be an adjunct to mainstream medical practices and can provide welcome relief from symptoms of a multitude of chronic and acute health disorder.

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